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Cuppo Wall Pocket

Cuppo Wall Pocket

Admit it, this is an idea you already dreamed up. You may have even simulated this idea in your garage to hold nails, nuts, bolts, springs, and other small gear. You just did not think it was clever enough to turn into a colorful home accessory that people want. It just proves that most of us men are stupid, but some of us are smart enough to know they did it better. The Cuppo is a vast improvement over the old baby food jars you have tacked up in the garage. The Cuppo is made from tough TPE material to stand up to our common storage needs.

The designer included magnets for the base to make it easy to use the Cuppo on your appliances. The Cuppo can be stuck to walls using double sided tape or you can use the mounting screws for a permanent solution. The colorful Cuppo sells for approximately $20.

cuppo wall pocket

via Ideaco