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Dia De Los McMuertos iPhone 4 Decals

iphone 4 decals clown

Do you have all the greatest gag apps on your iPhone 4?  Maybe it is time to turn your iPhone 4 into a real clown with the Dia De Los McMuertos iPhone 4 Decals.  This latest decal from De Los is an awesome looking rendition of a clown with just a touch of that Ronald McDonald look in his eyes. 

This is not just another cheap vinyl decal for your iPhone.  The Dia Del Los clown is created on white matte finished ultra smooth. The decal use 100% cotton rag.  It is printed using a unique dry ink process to guarantee the colours have depth and extremely vibrant colours.  The color quality is highly evident in this clown decal with the reds popping out.

Dia De Los McMuertos not only has the clown on the iPhone 4 skin, but on a case, on prints, and even on clothing.  The price of this great iPhone 4 accessory is only $15.00.

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