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Do Hit Chair

do hit chair

Anger Management meets Interior Design, that is the concept unleashed by Marijn van der Pol with the Do Hit Chair. The chair comes to you as a simple stainless steel box. A cube of no notoriety. Not really a chair. A stupid square box with nowhere to sit and a stinking sledge hammer. Your temper boils over as you realize you paid over $6000 for this steel box. Your rage explodes as you slam the hammer into the box dozens of times creating you own perfect Do Hit Chair.

Ok, so you can throw away the rage, grab a glass of wine, and just have a great time beating this steel box into whatever shape you want. Your anger at the work week will subside. You will have a one of a kind chair disaster in your home. Maybe it was not such a crazy rage-inducing idea after all.

do hit chair

Via Droog