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Eco Friendly Spiral Ink Ballpen Chamber Refill

As part of my duty to today’s eco-friendly day I decided to post this great invention that not only allows you to write for longer but also saves plastic. In this day and age, a pen comes at a pretty cheap price and is made entirely out of plastic. Once we use up all of the ink, it gets tossed away and we move on to the next What if there was an alternate solution that can allow you to replenish your ball pen’s ink as well as allow you to contribute a little eco-friendly action.

This twisted tube also known as T&T Pen-Ink Chamber and it is definitely the solution. It fits into any regular pen barrel and sits there for twice as long as any normal refill. This design claims to save more plastic and helps reduce any negative environmental impact. althoug this may just be an idea could possibly not make it to stores, this is still an interesting eye opener on how little things can make such a difference.