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Exuvius Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays

Products like these just blow my mind. I could have never thought of turning something so useless into something so useful. The Exuvius Collar Stay is not your regular collar hard plastic piece to keep your collar upright. This clever gadget provides four more features that are indispensable and extremely useful in everyday life. This multi tool collar stay provides you with a bottle opener, a half-phillips and slot-tipped drivers for any loose screws you may encounter and a sharpened edge to help you cut your may out of any mess.

The good people at Yanko Design could not have said it any better: “this 100% titanium collar stay is the most useful tool you’ll ever have,” and I agree with that statement!
Best part, FREE shipping to the US! I want one today. Buy yourself a set of 2 for $30 or a set of 4 for $50.

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