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Facundo Elias Modern Wheelchair Concept

facundo elias modern wheelchair concept

Obviously not all of us need a wheelchair, but the design, style, and functionality of the Facundo Elias Modern Wheelchair concepts has implications to everyone, not only people requiring a wheelchair.  The chair is designed using materials commonly found in wheelchairs but taking them in an entirely new direction for added comfort and usability. 

Facundo took away the two small front wheels and replaced it with a small rear wheel for stability and easy maneuvering.  The two large wheels to the side of the seat provide high levels of control, grip, and ease of powering the chair.  The seat and entire wheelchair is designed to support multiple postures to allow for use as a common wheelchair for everyday use and for high speed wheeling.

One of added reasons the Facundo Elias Modern Wheelchair Concept moves the turning wheel to the rear is to allow easier access for caregivers to the wheelchair bound rider.  They can step up directly in front for easy aid in seating and removing the rider.

Just as we appreciate in the designs of cars, bicycles, and other parts of our lives, this Modern Wheelchair Design adds a bit of flair with unsurpassed usability.

Via Part Man Part Car Blog