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Faucet iPhone 4 and iPad Stand

Faucet iPhone 4 Stand

Imagine all the odd looks you will get from people as they walk past your desk seeing a faucet with a puddle of running water hovering in midair above your desk.  Then watch their eyes as you pull out your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone and lean it up against the stream of water.

The Faucet iPhone 4 stand is one the coolest iPhone 4 accessories you are going to run across.  This neat concept is a perfect stand for holding your gear while at the same time being a great conversation started and eye-grabber. The Faucet stand is made out of polycarbonate plastic for the water and ABS for the faucet.  The clear poly makes a very convincing puddle of water. The stand was designed by Nendo Studio out of Japan for Elecom.

Via DesignBoom