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First Class Cabin Design for Singapore Airlines by BMW DesignworksUSA

bmw cabins singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines desired the luxury and comfort their first class travelers desired and turned to BMW to have it created. BMW’s DesignWorksUSA studio took on the project and redefined first class travel. Their design creates an entirely new level of privacy for travelers giving them an over-sized seating area and work desk. The seat is massive and can transform into a comfortable bed to make long overseas flights or cross country sites a relaxing pleasure. The design brings up visions of luxurious office cubicles, but with more comfort and luxury.

After you see this level of luxury, your next question should be “What destination can I choose to fly on Singapore Airlines?” This first class design is slated to show up on Singapore this September on their new Boeing 777 airliners.






Via LuxuryLaunches and DesignWorksUSA