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Foosball Coffee Table

foosball coffee table

Did your wife or girlfriend insist you needed a coffee table wasting space in the middle of the living room or TV room? Just nod your head in agreement and then sneak out and order the Foosball Coffee Table made by the Chicago Gaming Company. This cool foosball table has a glass cover, 100% qualifying it as a real coffee table. You can set you cup of coffee on it, toss a magazine on top, a bowl of chips, whatever you use a coffee table for. At least this time, it is not just a table sitting there gathering dust and junk. It is a full-fledged foosball game table you can play with your reluctant lady or friends. You should be warned, she will complain about your choice of coffee table style, until she kicks your rear in a few games of all-out fun. Then you will be the most brilliant guy in town.

You can order one of these awesome “coffee tables” from Amazon for $429.98, the Foosball fun is thrown in free.


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