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Fresh Fiber iPhone 4 Cases 3D Printed

Fresh Fiber iPhone 4 Cases

Fresh Fiber has managed to come up with one of the most original, interesting, and unique lines of phone cases you will run across. Their cases easily rate as one of the best iPhone 4 case choices on the market. The Fresh Fiber cases are created in two pieces which are snapped together to protect the front and back of your iPhone.  When you are using your iPhone the two pieces both sit on the back of the phone. 

Many of the Fresh Fiber cases allow you to take calls on your iPhone even when the case is covering the front and back due to their unique open organic looking designs.

You can even have your name or another 10 character word melted right into the 3D design of the phone to make it a truly unique case. With the numerous styles and colors offered by Fresh Fiber you can be sure to find the perfect iPhone 4 accessories.

The cases average about 34.95 to 39.95 EURO, or about 50 to 60 USD.

Via Fresh Fiber