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G-1 Glass Pool Table

g1 glass pool table

Wow a glass pool table. I once thought of this but did not see how it would work or how well the balls would roll. This G-1 glass pool table designed by Nottage Design is not just your simple pool table. This cutting edge, ball pocketing table employs a ton of premium pieces and technology to give you the modern look and feel as well as the comfort of playing a traditional game of pool. To give you that feel of baize which is the actual soft carpet-like surface of a pool table, the G-1’s glass top surfaces is topped off with a patented Vitrik playing surface which allows the balls to roll like on a regular pool table. I would have to say that this pool table wouldn’t be found at your local bar but more your local balling penthouse owner; hence the price tag of £34,999 but don’t worry at least shipping is free.

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