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Gold Plated Louis Vuitton Chainsaw?

gold plated louis vuitton chainsaw

Is the world coming to an end?  You might think so when you see this gold plated Louis Vuitton Chainsaw until you realize this is just another of the unbelievably clever sculptures from Peter Gronquist.

Do you have a buddy who is always out on weekends cutting firewood preparing for the end of electricity and natural gas?  Grab him this gold plated chainsaw from Gronquist to show him how much you appreciate his efforts.  While this might be one of the best gifts for men who are addicts to the outdoors, but he better be a close buddy.  This is going to be one expensive trinket. 

If you think the chainsaw is tremendous, then you need to check out many of Peter Gronquist’s other weapon sculptures.  His odd mind has taken some of the strangest items from machine guns to animal heads with guns coming off of their antlers.  Once you see his entire collection you will think the Gold Plated Louis Vuitton Chainsaw looks very tame.

Via Peter Gronquist