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Greg Ball Subsonic – Teenager Subwoofer Chair

Greg Ball - Subsonic Teenager Subwoofer Chair

Do you want to feel the thunder rumble in the seat of your pants?  Do you want games to boom and explode around you while you are engrossed in play.  Way back in 1995 Greg Ball designed his original subwoofer chair for a DesignBoom contest.  It was a smashing success grabbing interest from many people.

Greg’s current batch of students at SAIT PolyTechnic in Calgary Canada put him to the challenge of redesigning and refining the chair.  The new Greg Ball Subsonic is his answer.  The chair is designed based upon Ball’s study of teenagers sitting, playing, and listening habits. 

The seat of the chair houses two monster subwoofers pointing out to the sides.  The subwoofers measure an impressive 16 inches and can make the room explode with sound.  To make sure any teen would be happy with the seat Greg included connections of iPods, MP3 players, games decks, and audio visual equipment.

This could be one of the coolest gadgets you could ever add to a teen boys room.

Via DesignBoom