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Hanging Pool at Joule Hotel in Dallas

hanging pool joule hotel dallas

Are you ready to swim out into open space? The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas has a pleasant surprise for their guests when they choose to take a swim in their pool. The pool is located on the rooftop and extends a full eight feet out from the side of the hotel and ends with a glass front.

When you swim out to the edge of the pool you have an unobstructed view of the surround area and street below. It can be an amazing experience seeing the city while you gently tread water and relax. The rooftop pool is heated and available year round. The pool is adjacent to the rooftop Cafe.

If you are wanting to lounge around the pool before dinner you can just wave down one of the rooftop attendants to bring you a cocktail while you relax.

If you enjoy swimming after a workout you are going to be even more delighted. The pool is next to the large 960 square foot fitness center. The Joule Hotel is a sophisticated location with some delightful hidden surprises like the hanging pool. You can learn more about the pool on the Joule Hotel website.