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Illusion Side Table by Essey

illusion side table

The table floats in the air, the clear table cloth billowing down brushing the ground, or is it just an Illusion by Essey? These Essey side tables will have your friends and family members doing a double-take as they walk through your home. The tables come in a variety of color including black, red, and brown, but the two most dramatic are the clear and white. The clear table leaves you stunned looking for the table underneath the clear cloth. The white tables translucency leaves you just as stunned. You have to look close to realize the table cloth is the table.

The tables are made from plastic. Each table is hand made and one of a kind. The these are the perfect tables to hold your J.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, or other magical fantasy authors books. They bestow an air of magic in your home, which can be owned for just $468 per table.

illusion side table

Via Essey