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iPad Case Stand Cover – Rock Leather Cover

ipad case stand rock leather cover

Sometimes a company will get really innovative in a very simple way which just blows you away.  Rock has come out with one of the best accessories for iPad 1 or 2 owners around.  The Rock Leather Cover, Case, and Stand does it all.

It starts off as a simple but elegant looking leather cover or case for your iPad, but this is just the start.  When you are ready to work with your iPad is when it really gets innovative.  The cover molds into a stand for your iPad.  You can have your iPad at the ideal angle for working while you visit Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop.

iPad Case Stand Cover - Rock Leather Cover iPad Case 1 2

It works great as an easy to use stand in your home, office, or anywhere you travel.  Since it is both the case and stand you do not have extra items to lug around with you.  The Rock Leather Cover Case Stand retails for $49.99 but can be found online for $33.99.  At this price it is a real steal when compared to the price and inconvenience of buying both a case and a stand.  It comes in several great colors including black, gray, and purple.