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ItBox by ItDesign


The ItBox by ItDesign is making a resurgence back onto the market. These cool aluminum storage boxes were a big hit the first time they were released by are going to be an even bigger hit this time. The new version of the ItBox is being created out of polished aluminum which is then color anodized.

This process creates a box which is rust proof, water proof, and stands up to considerable abuse. They make great shelving units and decorative boxes in bathrooms, kitchen, and bar areas where moisture might be present. With their beauty and high-tech look they can be even more impressive in the living room loaded up with your high tech gear, or near your computer holding all of you techno-gadgets.

The ItBox comes in a variety of sizes and colors to match your needs and desires.  The pricing of the new generation of the ItBox from ItDesign has not been released since the units are not anticipated to be shipping until Spring 2012, which is quickly approaching. You can learn more about the boxes and their expected release date by visiting their site.