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iWave iPhone 4G Ore Case iPhone 4 Accessories Just Got Corked

iWave Ore IPhone 4G Case

What do you think of when you picture cork board?  Are you envisioning a bulletin or note board hung on your kitchen wall or refrigerator?  You would probably never have dreamed of using a cork board surface on your iPhone, but iWave did.  Their new Ore Case for the iPhone 4G is one of the most bizarre iPhone 4 accessories on the market and manages to look cool at the same time. 

The Ore case is another or the eco-friendly designs from iWave.  It does not use added plastic, petroleum, or other man-made materials except for the adhesive.  The cork makes a very innovative way to protect your iPhone from scratches and dings.  With the soft feeling material it is easy to picture it protecting your iPhone from a short fall to the floor and from bumps as your carry it.

You can order an Ore cover for any model of iPhone not only the 4G.  Now the only question is with a cork cover would your iPhone float?  Don’t test the theory with your phone, or you will suffer the consquences.

Via the Fancy can be ordered from iWaveAudio