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Japanese Food iPhone Cases

Japanese food iPhone cases

These Japanese Food iPhone cases are either the best iPhone 4 case in existence, or one of the most bizarre.  You will want to be very careful where you lay your iPhone once you have it outfitted in one of these tasty looking cases from Japan.  Someone may pick up your phone and try to take a bite out of it. 

iMeshi Japanese Food iPhone Cases

One case option turns your iPhone into a mouth watering chocolate cake with strawberries and powdered sugar.  This dangerously sweet case will have people drooling at the treat you are leaving sitting around on your desk.

Other cases look like broiled eel on rice, sushi, or other Japanese delicacy.  The colors of the food are very realistic and will have you wondering the phone is about to spoil.

These very unique iPhone 4 accessories are priced at approximately $50 depending on the exchange rate.

Via DoobyBrain Purchase from Strapya.  (Warning:  Be prepared to use Google Translate to convert Japanese to English.)