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Jetway Hotel for Private Jets in Qatar by Margot Krasojevic

private jet hotel

Imagine you have more money that you could ever spend in your lifetime. You are tired of the hassles of sitting in your private jet or the horrible accommodations in the airport lounge. What would you do? You could hire Margot Krasojevic to design and lead the construction of a Jetway Hotel and lounge for your personal use. This incredible plane side facility hosts sleeping areas, a lounge, a bathroom, and everything you need to enjoy your stay while the plane gets refuelled and you await your turn to takeoff. You might even enjoy spending the night while you wait for other guests to arrive for your flight. Margot used space age materials and a design that is just as futuristic. The hotel is also eco-friendly capturing sunlight to produce electricity and rain to recycle for use inside the hotel.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and a private jet, go ahead an give Margot a call. She can make you something just as amazing as you will discover by looking that her other projects on her website.



Via Luxury Launches and Margot Krasojevic