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Kitchen Gadgets: Maarten Baas Knife Block

kitchen gadgets knife block

Is Maarten Baas demented, crazy, weird, funny, or nearly perfect?  This gruesome, or wonderfully wicked, knife block from Maarten Baas may have you conjuring up visions of Hannibal Lector sitting quietly in his kitchen eating bits of fried brain.  (You did catch that scene?)

Imagine your delight at the end of grueling day dealing with an evil boss being able to stab your carving knife deeply into the skull.  This knife block may have mom’s screaming you have gone too far this time, but you can be sure any of your buddies are going to find it the perfect kitchen accessory.  Wives may frown or ban a knife block like this from the house.  It would probably look better mounted on the barbecue grill anyways.

This Maarten Baas prototype is not currently available to purchase, but this wicked idea is sure to have someone jumping into production to fill the demand.  Nothing could be better for a midnight cookout or a Halloween celebration than having a head stabbed full of your best knives.