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LaCie Porsche Design P9000 Hard Drives

LaCie Porsche Design P9000 Hard Drives

Maybe you don’t have a Porsche in the driveway, but you can put Porsche styling and speed on your PC with the LaCie Porsche Design P9000 hard drives.  While a Porsche has no storage to speak of these LaCie hard drives are packed with space coming in 1 or 2 Terabyte sizes. 

These sexy looking drives are cased in a brushed aluminum case which looks ready to be installed in a high-speed Porsche.  Every line of these cool gadgets are smooth, clean, and ready for action.  The drives are bundled with backup software, password protection, and performance.

A real Porsche is not going to keep up with these speed demons.  The drives support USB 3.0 and can transfer a 700MB file in only 7 seconds.   Your Porsche won’t even be to 60MPH in 7 seconds.

LaCie is not just using the name “Porsche”, they actually worked with Porsche Design to come up with the style, look, and feel of the case for their ultra fast hard drive systems.  With all of this style and performance the drives are still highly competitive on price with a 1 TB drive costing $119.99 and the 2 TB drive running $159.99.

Via Uncrate by at LaCie