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Lazerwood Beats Headphone Skins

lazerwood beats

Beats headphones have the impressive sounds you love, but may not have the look you want. Or it could just be a case of getting tired of the old look of your Beats. The Lazerwood Beats Headphone Skins($30) allow you to take control of your style and giving your beats a complete new look.

Lazerwood does something very unique. They take real wood and slice it micro-thin to create amazing skins to apply to your headphones. There is an important note Lazerwood makes on their website. They prefer to not call these skins on certain headphones, since they take a little extra effort to install and get aligned perfectly. On those sets they call the product a mod instead of a skin. One example of this is for the Dr. Dre Solo headphones.

You can select for either cherry or walnut. Keep in mind every skin or mod is unique since they are using real wood with differing grains.  his gives your headphones an exclusive one of a kind appearance. Lazerwood also makes products for other headphones, cell phones, and other gear using their unique process. You can buy or learn more about the Beats Headphone skins at Lazerwood.

Via Uncrate