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London Underground Tube Tent

london underground tube tent

Planning a party or for the wildest kids’ playhouse of all time has suddenly become easy. A London Underground Tube Tent will make your backyard or celebration grounds look like a London tube train has just arrived for its passengers.

This tent provides you with enough room to setup a great buffet line or to let the kids go wild. Get this, it can hold up to 72 people who are standing up and milling around or be used to sleep 16 people comfortably. It is divided into 5 compartments which will allow you to have the coolest party of the year or the most amazing school event of all time.

Start letting your imagination run wild at all the cool scenarios you can create using this fantastic pseudo train. Keep in mind this tent comes with a pretty steep price. It currently sells for approximately $3250 with free delivery in the UK.

Can you picture the fun of hosting a mystery story dinner set on a train using this cool tent? The ideas are endless.

Via Firebox