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Magnetic Configurable Bookshelves by Antonella Diluca

Magnetic Bookshelf Design by Antonella Di Luca

You say bookshelves are boring? Do not let Antonella Diluca hear you say that. She is likely to show you a hundred different ways to shatter your belief that bookshelves are boring with the Citybook and Citybook W shelving systems. Imagine the flexibility of changing the design of your bookshelves at any time. Sound intriguing? The Citybook and Citybook W use geometric shapes that fit tightly together and snap in place with magnets. You can configure the shelves in hundreds of different styles, choosing to do wide, tall, or L-shaped. You choose whether a space is long or tall. What makes the design more interesting is all the magical patterns you can create by playing with the building blocks of  your bookshelves.

Boring bookshelves are history when you get the Citybook or Citybook W. Whenever you want a change, you just snap them apart and create an exciting new pattern.




Via Antonella Diluca