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Mario Bros Theme Industrial Pipe Lamp

mario bros theme pipe lamp

First we have to say one thing. TRowe Designs should be famous. Their use of industrial pipe to create lamps and light fixtures may drive women crazy but every man will love them. The Mario Bros. Theme Industrial Pipe Lamp just takes the love of lights to a new level. Mario looks right at home beside the pipes, just like his plumber background would lead you to believe.

The lamp is created using a series of small pipe and fittings with a light hung from one side and Mario busy working on the opposite side. The lamp is priced cheaply at under $215, a small price for this custom creation. The light stands 12″ high and is only rated to us low wattage bulbs. This is the perfect light to add to you man-cave or to your son’s room.

Via GadgetReview and TRowe Gallery