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Modern Octopus Table Lamp by Markus Johansson

modern octopus table lamp markus johansson

This piece of Octopus inspired furniture takes a little different twist than the other items we have recently features. Its organic modern design crafted from Corian does not limit itself to six tentacles, instead it has variable numbers of tentacles depending on the size and style of lamp you choose. The subtle white color is translucent enough to allow the lamp hidden in the body of the octopus to glow through and light a room while seeping down through the tentacles. Imagine seeing a few of these lamps in various sizes glowing in a darkened room. The room would come alive with an oceanic feel with Octopus and Jellyfish floating through the darkened room. Markus Johansson has named this series of lamps “Cirrata” and was inspired by all of the tentacled creatures who inhabit the dark ocean depths.

Via DesignOmahe and Markus Johansson