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NumLock USB Stick

Numlock USB Stick

Encryption, passwords, and all of that jazz is great for securing your memory stick, but what about a little physical security to go along with it.  The NumLock USB Stick is an amazing combination of a USB memory stick and a rotating numeric lock.

The NumLock USB stick looks great with the brass outer tumbler case and the silver inner tube enveloping the memory stick.  The design details of the NumLock USB stick can be seen on the SteamPunker website.  You will be amazed at the amount of intricate design, thought, and craftsmanship is required to make this intriguing memory stick.

Imagine the frustration of a thief who lifts your memory stick.  First he must figure out the 5 tumbler combination.  Then he must work past any passwords or encryption you have setup.  The more likely outcome is he will either toss it in the trash or drop it back on your desk.

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