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Ollie Hemmendorf’s Odd Vision The Nike Air Max 90 Burger

Nike Air Max 90 Burger

When Nike decided to commission artists to share their vision of the Nike Air Max 90 shoe they could have never anticipated what Ollie Hemmendorf’s mind would conjure.  Ollie must have been having cravings for Wendy’s, McDonald’s or Burger King as he started his day in design, because his vision become the Nike Air Max 90 Burger which definitely looks good enough to eat. 

The cool rendition of the Air Max 90 uses a long sesame seed bun with cheese highlights for the shoes upper.  The multiple huge hamburger patties, tomoatoes, and oozing ketchup sit atop the bottom bun, more commonly known as the sole of the shoe.

Ollie Hemmendorf did an amazing job of taking the common hamburger and converting it into a Nike Shoe.  Now the tough question, did it taste like shoe leather?

Via The Fancy and Today and Tomorrow