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Eco Friendly Spiral Ink Ballpen Chamber Refill

As part of my duty to today’s eco-friendly day I decided to post this great invention that not only allows you to write for longer but also saves plastic. In this day and age, a pen comes at a pretty cheap price and is made

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Ultimate Lemon Press

I really dislike squeezing any acidic fruit because it either squirts in my eye or slides out of my hand. I also really hate when a pit falls out and finds its way in my mouth after preparing a salad dressing. Great news is that

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Japan Solidarity Iphone Case

One of the most tragic events of the year took place in Japan. Although the initial shock has passed, the displaced victims of the Japan earthquake still need our help and support. To continue with the relief InCase came out with a limited time Japan

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Lose Your Keys? Get A SwitchHook

It has been said that the most common place to leave your keys once entering your home, is somewhere near your light switch. This seems hard to believe considering on a daily basis I spend half my morning searching for my keys and finding them

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Slide To Unlock Car Magnet

I think it’s fair to say that the Iphone has taken over the world, our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I am sure you all, like me, panic when you forgot your phone at home. To come back to what I wanted

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The Floating Lampshade

Spotted this cool little thing the other day and liked the idea of a lamp that is suspended in mid air by nothing at all. It’s like a miracle but not really because the lamp is actually suspended by a type of protective film that

g1 glass pool table

G-1 Glass Pool Table

Wow a glass pool table. I once thought of this but did not see how it would work or how well the balls would roll. This G-1 glass pool table designed by Nottage Design is not just your simple pool table. This cutting edge, ball

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The Bat Mirror

This huge neo-rococo mirror is carefully hand-molded from plaster and painted black. If you look carefully or just for more than a second I am sure you can’t help but notice the Batman symbol right in front of your eyes. You can pick up this

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Flexible Ribbon Of Light

It is always great to recycle and this is a great example of one great creation made up of various pieces of waste found lying around. Sara Bergando‘s flexible ribbon of light was created of felt scraps, old mobile phone battery chargers and a 50