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PhoneSuit Elite is Slimmest Battery Case

Now a days people want the thinest, lightest and most portable devices as well as adapters. Engineers strive to come up with the solution for the consumer and with this comes the unveiling of the PhoneSuit Elite battery case. This is said to be the thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 batter case in the market. It is yet to be clarified if they add additional juice to your original iPhone 4 battery or if it just replenishes it’s power. The latest in technology is packed into this efficient 2100mah lithium-ion polymer battery cell and the protective case which wraps around the iPhone measures a mere 17mm in thickness. It takes 2 hours to charge up and will offer you a ton (a really long time) of power. Not only is it the thinest most advanced battery case on the market but it comes with a fancy 5 point LED battery meter. You can expect this PhoneSuit Elite battery case to retail for around the $79.00 range.

via UberGizmo