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Piano LED Light by QIS Design

piano led lamp qisdesign

QIS Design wants you to play with light, not just be entertained by it. The Piano LED Table Lamp is playable light. The white LED lit strips look like piano keys and even work like them. Instead of hearing the music play as your run your fingers over the ivory lighting, you create a light show. The LED lamps provide a cool light making sure your fingers, or those of your children, never feel any heat. The lamp’s beautiful glow is your invitation to fun. Imagine the fun of turning on your Piano light in a dark room and letting your fingers play musically inspired light show that flashes lights around the room.

The Piano LED Light provides an elegant light for any room in your home, but the playful attitude of the light makes it ideal for family rooms and bedrooms. The light sells for $648 through Northern Icon.

Via QIS Design