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Ping Pong Conference Room Table

ping pong conference table

When the discussion gets red hot in the conference room there is nothing left to do but pull out the paddles and battle for a victory. The Ping Pong Conference Room Table ($TBA) may seem a little odd, but think about how effective it could be for breaking the tension of a heated meeting or negotiating session. You take a break from the serious job of arguing and get down to trying to destroy the other person with a well placed slam.

This conference room table can be converted into play mode in just moments with all of the gear stashed away in the drawers on the two ends. The tables are just as comfortable being used as a dining room table for your home, also. Imagine having the big family dinner finished and cleared away and then converting the table for some hard slamming action.

The James Perse company in Los Angeles is one company who makes these fun tables for business and home. The James Perse edition is created from solid teak and lined with fabric. They do not list a price for these custom tables on the their site.