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Planter Table by Emily Wettstein

planter table

You have probably heard about trying to bring food closer to the table to increase freshness. Usually that means buying locally grown foods, items from your own garden, or as free from processing as possible. Emily Wettstein took the concept a little further from one of her graduate designs and created the Planter Table Number 1. This cool table integrates an acrylic planter running the length of the table providing an incredible centerpiece, or a place to have some fresh herbs growing for instant use on the table. The design is cool looking and very clever, with the planter’s main holding area dropping below the table surface.

Emily offers these tables and other designs for sale through her website. The only concern we can see with the table is if you have cats that decide that cool little garden looks like a perfect replacement for their litter box.

planter table

planter table

Via Emily Wettstein

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