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Plum Stool Series 2 by Alvaro Uribe

plum stool series 2

Tired of the old styles of chairs and stools in your home? Alvaro Uribe decided to look at chairs from an artistic and naturist view and design something completely different. The Plum Stool Series flows and curves like nature. From the behind the chair is almost looks like a Praying Mantis ready to leap for its prey. The “Plum” name is not derived from the fruit, but comes from the word “Pluma” or feather. Uribe chose the name Plum due to the chairs extremely light weight. All of the flowing beauty, style, and advanced materials would mean nothing if the chair was not comfortable. Astonishingly, this simple looking chair provides amazing comfort with light bouncy feel. It allows you to twist, turn, and stretch with ease while you relax or work at your desk. When art and technology are combined under the hands of talented designer, our ideas of chars can be redefined.



Via Alvaro Uribe Design