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Powerskin HTC Phone Covers

powerskin for htc thunderbolt

The new generation of 4G phones are presenting a new challenge to owners.  With all of the coolest gadgets and features built into the phones they are becoming a drag on their batteries.  They do not hold a charge for as long as other phones.  Powerskin has come to the rescue before for the iPhone and now has done it for the HTC Sensation and the HTC Thunderbolt phones.

The Powerskin is a cool looking flat black rubberized case which envelopes your phone in safety, but that is not the cool part.  The case is secondary power source for your phone which can extend battery life another 6 hours.  The case is recharge by using a simple USB cable you hook up to your PC or charger. 

The case has an innovative design including a len window which does not interfere with picture quality. Powerskin even claims picture quality can be higher due to no glare off the of the traditional silver cover of the HTC phones.

The Powerskin HTC Sensation and HTC Thunderbolt Powerskin sell for $59.99.  This is about the same price as many other high end covers but with the added bonus of longer phone life.

Via Coolest Gadgets and Powerskin