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Pretty Bottle Humidifier

pretty bottle humidifier

Humidifier are normally ugly beasts which whir in corner looking ugly and out of place in your home. The designers from Cloud and Company in Korea decided enough was enough and set out to create a humidifier which is both effective and pretty. They have succeeded. The creation looks like a simple ceramic bottle you might put on display in your home, but inside it is outfitted with all the essentials to keep your air moist and comfortable. The unit can be powered by 110V, 220V, or a USB cable. This allows you to use it almost anywhere in the world without any power problems.

This pretty bottle humidifier is not designed to put a lot of water into the air, but would be perfect for a single room. It can output approximately 1/2 liter of water ever 13 hours. As the water vapor escapes the vessel it appears as a thing column of steam sliding out of the top of the bottle. This is a great addition to an office or a sitting room in your home. The humidifier is not available on the market yet. It is anticipated to release in Asia around July 2012.