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Pulz Billiard Ball Pendant Lights

pulz billiard ball pendant lights

Do you love a game of billiards? Do you have a pool, billiards, or snooker table in your home? Imagine how cool it would look to decorate the game room with a series of Pulz Billiard Ball Pendant Lights to make sure everyone knows this is a serious game room, home of the resident pool shark, you.

There is one thing about this cool light that is slightly annoying. The balls are tremendous, crafted out of solid oak and painted in multiple layers of lacquer just like real billiard balls. The cords are sturdy. The light looks great. So why did they only offer 8 balls plus the cue ball? There is eight-ball, nine-ball, and traditional games with 15 balls, so why only 8? Oh well, it still looks fantastic. Maybe those missing balls are hidden in the pockets of your pool table. The pendant lights are priced at 150 GBP or about $225.

Via Panik Design