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Quiver Double Pen Holder

Quiver Pen Holder

Does your schedule book, planner, or notebook lack a good place to keep your ink pen?  Even if it has a place it is almost certainly only going to have one.  What if that first pen goes dry or even worse, someone borrows it?  The you are stuck with a great notebook and no way to write. The Quiver Double Pen Holder is a very interesting solution to this issue. 

This is one of those items which is hard to call a cool gadget because of the simplicity.  The Quiver pen holder wraps around the cover of your notebook or planner to provide a secure and convenient location to carry two ink pens on the exterior of the notebook.

What is even better is the fact the Quiver adds a touch of class and originality to your bland notebook.  If you carry a black notebook choose the tan Quiver pen holder to give your notebook a colorful simple stripe.  You can use the black Quiver if your notebook is tan or any other color.  Of course if you prefer it to disappear, just put black on black.  The pen holder only costs $16.95 for pocket notebooks.  Available for medium and large notebooks, too.

Via The Fancy or purchase from Quiver Global