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Raw Steel Tables

raw steel table

Shove elegance out of the way. Sometimes the sexiest look in the world is something raw, rough, tough, and ready for action. Raw Steel Tables from John Beck Steel are as tough as they come and damn sexy, too. The tables are made from raw steel direct from the mill. No buffing, no sanding, no finish, just pure rough and tough steel. The design is just as simple and fantastic as the material. The tables are built with two simple bends. The tables come in several different sizes, but our favorite is the trio of nesting tables. The first table is 15″ x 15″ x 15″ with the other two tables shrinking in height and width to 14″ and 13″ so they can next under each other. The Raw Steel Tables are also available in both a square and rectangular coffee table size.

We love one comment from John Beck Steel, “All Finishes are AS IS”, and that’s just the way natural should be. All of the tables are priced at $900, which makes the Nesting Tables a real bargain, getting all three pieces for the $900.

Via The Fancy and John Beck Steel