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Recycled Jeans Octopus Chair by AtelierBlink

octopus chair atelierblink

Do you want to feel safe and secure while you lounge in your living room watching the latest horror flick or tense drama? Would getting surrounded and hugged by the six arms of a giant octopus make you feel warm, cozy, and safe? Think again, it really would feel warm and cozy when the chair is the Octopus Chair from AtelierBlink. This oddly designed chair is made from 3 pairs of recycled blue jeans that have been bleached white, sewn together, and turned into a fun Octopus Bean Bag chair. When you nestle inside you are hugged cozily by the six tentacles, giving you something to grab as you scream as the monster jumps out of the abyss, or to smack as you get angry at the villain in your favorite drama.

If getting hugged is not your scene, then just unbutton the tentacles and refasten them in almost any shape you can imagine. You can wrestle that Octopus Chair until you get its tentacles ties in a knot, if you wish.




Via AtelierBlink