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Rick Owens Toad Leather iPhone 4 Case

toad leather iphone 4 case by Rick Owens

From the creative mind of Rick Owens comes this great iPhone case designed to perfectly fit an iPhone but willing to carry any cell phone.  The Toad Leather Phone case has created a lot of stir because of the beautiful design and more critically the name “Toad Leather”.

The question which most people are overlooking it the fact Rick Owens has never claimed the leather is made from a Toad.  Toad Leather can often be simply calf leather which has been stained and tooled to resemble the leather of a toad.  So which is it?  No one seems clear in their descriptions of the product to actually spell it out, but other designers using “toad leather” are most commonly referring to calf leather. 

Irregardless, the design is outstanding and fits perfectly with the Gothic styling of Rick Owens.  If you want an iPhone 4 case which has a unique design and a curious heritage this is the case for you.

Can be purchased through BlackBird for $365.00