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Rocafort Residence by Antonio Altarriba

roca residence antonio altarriba

The Rocafort Residence designed by Antonio Altarriba and his team is a study in contrasts. The outside of the residences appear very industrial and boxy. The units look like a large gray box set on top of a slightly smaller white box. The crisp clean lines of the squared off structure when paired with the texture of the upper levels block construction give the home an interesting appearance.

The real magic of this home shows up when you peek behind the fence enclosure. You will see the upper level forms a protected deck area which includes a small swimming pool. The deck is created from deep brown wood sealed to protect it from the weather. The magic continues as you enter the home and discover the beautiful woodwork extends throughout the house, and continues up the spiral staircase to the upper floor. The lower floor houses a living room and a startling white kitchen. The upper floor hosts the bedrooms.

The entire home is filled with massive panes of glass allowing you to see the outside world in all of it’s glory. The combination of sharp rectangular shapes, industrial colors, natural hardwoods, and mirrored glass provide for an intriguing home which is modern, livable, and highly attractive.

You can learn more about this Antonio Altarriba home or his other creations by visiting his website.