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Sam Abbott Designs and Creates 3D Printed Skateboard

3d printed skateboard

In a weird twist of fate, the amazing designer and artist Sam Abbott, became the first person the design and create a 3D-printed twin tip skateboard that is fully functional. What is the weird twist of fate? Sam entered a design contest sponsored by 3D Print UK and CGTrader and won the opportunity to have one of his original designs produced on a 3D-printer. He chose his own design for a unique skateboard. The skateboard design presented a challenge to the printer due to length. They had to produce the skateboard in three pieces and then join them with rods for strength. Does the skateboard work? Sam gave it the official test and not only does it look great, it rides great.

To us, the more incredible thing is Sam Abbott’s other designs which led to his winning the skateboard build. Check out his designs on his website and explore some of his cool iPhone cases and other items that have gone into production.




Via Sam Abbott