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Shark Bookends

shark bookends

Cue up the theme song from Jaws, it will never be safe to reach on your bookshelves again. These clever shark bookends will have sharks swimming through your book collection slicing right through the facts and literature on the shelves.

These are heavy duty bookends made from solid steel and then finished in black. They are designed and created by Knob Creek Metal Arts out of Kentucky. Knob Creek makes it very clear on their website you should never consider these bookends as toys, nor should they be used in children’s rooms since they may have slightly sharp points.

One thing to keep in mind is these bookends look best when they are only holding between 3 to 6 books. When you try to put more books in between the shark looks stretched out. There are two different designs offered by Knob Creek, the standard shark design, and an even cooler looking Hammerhead Shark set of book ends. The bookends sell for approximately $45 per set through the Knob Creek Metal Arts website.