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Sharky Tea Infuser

sharky tea infuser

Do your friends in the office claim you are a wimp since you drink hot tea instead of black coffee? It is time to show them they are talking to the shark in the office, not some geeky office boy. The Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda is a floating tea infuser which gives the appearance of a shark swimming in your cup leaving a bloody trail of tea behind it.

If you want to make a big impression choose a tea which has a deeper red color along with a clear cup. Your friends will stop their teasing and watch as you sip down your shark blood tea.

At the moment this cool tea infuser is just a design idea created by Matteoda, but with the rave reviews and excitement about the design do not be surprised to see it showing up in finer tea shops in the near future. Are you ready to put those coffee drinkers in their place and show them tea drinkers are the ones who really rule the seas?