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Slide To Unlock Car Magnet

I think it’s fair to say that the Iphone has taken over the world, our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I am sure you all, like me, panic when you forgot your phone at home. To come back to what I wanted to get into, I came across this really original car magnet. I really like how the unlock system works for the info just because when it’s in my pocket I don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons by mistake or dialing any numbers with my thigh. Now Perpetual Kid, which has awesome stuff I have to say, is bringing you the slide to unlock magnet for your car! Wow, I am sure this will confuse some people and make others die of laughter. This amazing car magnet that you can place virtual anywhere even on your fridge measures 17 inches wide x 3.25 inches tall and is fairly priced at $6.99. So go out and buy it you geeks!

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