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Slotted Candle Holder for Easier Lighting

slotted candle holders

Have you ever been frustrated trying to stretch a match down to the bottom of a glass candle jar?  You have the jar tipped trying to keep your fingers away from the matches flame, but it burns towards your fingers faster than you can get the wick lit.  You drop the match in the bottom of the jar cursing.  This new slotted candle holder is a very intelligent way to overcome the problem. Along one side of the candle glass is a slot going down about 75% of the glasses height.  You light your match and then just follow the slot down to light your candle.  You do not need to worry about runaway candle wax because the bottom portion of the glass is still sealed. These unique candle glasses are sold in sets of four and are available in green, grey, light blue, and purple, or a pack with one of each color.  A pack of four costs $75. Is it worth that much to enjoy candles without ever burning your fingers again?

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