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Star Wars Darth Vader Clock by Lego

star wars darth vader clock

Darth Vader has started upon his evil path again. This time he is determined to ruin your night of sleep and make you crawl out of bed. This evil villain has tapped into the dark side of the force to torment our mornings and delight us with his fun design. This clock is another of the great Star Wars Collectible created by Lego. The clock uses standard looking Lego contruction to build a clock that is fun, playful, and accurate, until the batteries die. The clock uses batteries for power, so that must eliminate the use of the force to keep time.

Darth Vader stands 9″ tall with his sinister looking clock ticking time in the middle of his chest. Is that really a clock or is that the countdown until evil begins its new conquest to rule the stars? The clock is priced at $29.99 through the Lego Store.

Via Lego Store