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Sticky Lamp by Chris Kabel

sticky lamp

The light is always in the wrong place. Lamps on your bedside stands are adequate, but they still do not light up your book like you want. The same is true in the kitchen, the living room, and any other room in the house. The lights work, but they could be just slightly better. The Sticky Lamp by Chris Kabel lets you put a light right where you want it and then peel it off the wall when you are finished.

You can stick the light anywhere you have a flat surface. Think about how useful this could be for taking pictures, too. You could put lighting right where you want it before you take the shot. The lights have an adhesive back with a flat, flexible holding surface. The front mounted light’s heat is shielded from walls by the heat resistant plastic. The idea is just one more of Chris’s innovative thoughts. The lights sell for 19.99 Euro or for a discounted US price of $23.00 and are offered online through Droog.

sticky lamp

Via Droog